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Personal Profile

Name:Torrei Hart
Torrei Hart Net Worth
Birth Name:Torrei
Age:42 Years
Date Of Birth:February 28,1978
Height:5' 2" (1.57 m)
Weight 64kg (141 pounds)
Profession:Actress, TV Celebrity.
Career:Movie Actress, TV Actress, Model, Entertainer.
QualificationWinslow Township High School, Community College of Philadelphia
Spouse:Kevin Hart, (2003 to 2011)
Children:1. Hendrix Hart, Born: 2007 (age 11 years) (Son)
2. Heaven Hart, Born: 2005 (age 14 years) (daughter)
3. Kenzo Kash Hart, Born: 2017 (1-Year-Old) (Step Son)
Father In Law:Henry Robert Witherspoon
Mother In Law:Nancy Hart
Brother In Law:Robert Hart
Ethnicity‎:African, American.
Country:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Net Worth:Read More Details Below


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