Steve Kerr Net Worth In 22 Years As Best Rookie Coach In NBA’s History

Steve Kerr is a retired American professional basketball player and Steve Kerr Net Worth surely surprise you. He currently is appointed at The Golden State Warriors as the head coach. As a player, Steve Kerr won three NBA Champion awards with The Chicago Bulls, two NBA Champion Awards with The San Antonio Spurs and as a head coach, he won two NBA Championships with The Golden State Warriors. Steve Kerr is one of the most successful players in NBA’s history. In the world of sports, his name is quite respectable. Steve Kerr net worth is $18 Million as Of 2018. The Phoenix Suns, on 2nd June 2007, named Steve Kerr as the team’s President of Basketball Operations and even appointed as the team’s General Manager. In the year 2010, Steve Kerr retired from Suns.



Until pursuing his career as a coach, he worked for NBA on TNT as a color commentator. On 14th May 2014, he appointed at The Golden State Warriors as the Head Coach. Winning over The Dallas Mavericks on 4th April 2015, Kerr broke the record as the most regular season wins a Rookie Coach. His team won the finals in 2015 NBA Championship, and with this, Kerr became the first Rookie Coach to win the championship. With the guidance of Kerr, The Warriors successfully reached the finals for two times in 2016, but they won in 2017. When he retired from his game, he worked as a Broadcast Analyst for TNT. Within this, he had his segment called as Steve’s Refreshing Thoughts. In the year 2007, he lends his voice for commentary in EA Sports video game NBA Live and several other games like NBA Live 06, NBA Live 08, NBA Live 09 and NBA Live 10.



Stephen Douglas Kerr or popularly known as Steve Kerr born on 27th September 1965. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Steve’s childhood spent with his Dad Malcolm H. Kerr was an American Academic having specialization in the Middle East and mother Ann with his three siblings and grandfather. Most of his childhood spent in Lebanon and several Middle Eastern Countries. His father was murdered by Islamic Jihad in the year 1984, 18th January while he was working as the President of The American University of Beirut. Steve was just 18 years old then! Steve graduated in the year 1988 from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of General Studies.



Steve Kerr Net Worth 2017.

The Popular Broadcast Analyst:

Kerr has always been connected to the basketball after retirement. Though he is not currently playing in the court as discussed above he is guiding the Warriors, and his team has won many games under his guidance. As a matter of fact, the success as a coach is also contributing to the Steve Kerr Net Worth 2017.

When he decided to work as a coach several teams wanted him. Every team wanted him because he is an experienced and skilled basketball player and he proved it several times during his career. But he decided to coach Warriors as they had a potential to become an excellent team. Another reason for picking Warriors was California. It was his home, and he wanted to stay close to his daughter.


A Start without the Coach:

As we all know that Steve Kerr is the coach of Golden State Warriors, but the team had to start the NBA championship without their coach in 2017. The reason was his back pain which sidelined him for a while. But he made a comeback and made his team won the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Steve Kerr is suffering from chronic back pain. He also underwent surgery for a spinal cord leak. The Warriors had no coach for the finals then Mike Brown took Steve’s place for the tournament. When he came back, he was welcomed by a standing ovation and roaring cheers.  It is interesting to know that the Warriors took his absence as motivation and performed very well in the matches. He is an excellent coach, and his team is happy with him. The fans of Steve Kerr are happy to see him back.



Steve Kerr Net Worth 2016.

Every player wants to become famous and rich. But not everyone becomes successful in fulfilling his dreams. Many people accidentally land into a profession and become successful with the passage of time. At the same time many people despite having an interest in a particular profession do not get success. But Steve Kerr is one of the players who made his name in the basketball world, and he is quite a famous player of his time. Now it is the time to reveal Steve Kerr Net Worth 2016. How he made money and how he spends his money? Let’s have a quick look.


A quick glance at his career:

Steve Kerr famous for his humour and praise for his team has a successful basketball career. You may know the fact that he joined Chicago Bulls in 1993 and in the year 1997 he played a major part in the Bulls victory in the NBA finals. He is also the 3 point shooter at the all-star game. Then he was traded to the San Antonio Spurs, and it provided him a chance to win fourth straight NBA title. His success and winning not only made him famous but help him build his net worth. Steve Kerr Net Worth 2016 is $ 15 million. We know that the celebrities do not rely on one source of income, so Kerr also appeared on TV as a sports analyst.  He is serving as the coach for Warriors, so he is getting a huge salary for this.

After the NBA finals 2003 Steve Kerr announced his retirement. He has also provided his voice for EA sports video game. As a color analyst he also provided his voice for:

  • NBA 2k15
  • NBA 2k14
  • NBA 2k13
  • NBA 2k12



Steve Kerr Net Worth 2015.

A Retired Basketball Player:

The basketball celebrity Steve Kerr is currently serving as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors.  He is a retired basketball champion who worked hard to make his name? It is the question that arises in everyone’s mind after seeing the lavish lifestyle of the celebrities. People think how they have become wealthy just by playing basketball or football etc. But the fact is that the most of the celebrities’ net worth come from the TV appearances, acting, and endorsement.  Let’s find out how wealthy Steve Kerr is.


The 5 Time NBA Champion Steve Kerr Net Worth In 2015:

Probably Kerr is one of the most successful players in the history of the NBA. Being a professional basketball player he has won three straight championships with Chicago Bulls team. Also, he is the winner of two championships with the team of San Antonio Spurs. He is indeed the man of legacy with the best three-point shooting percentage of 45.4% in the entire history of NBA.

With the Chicago Bulls team, he has won three straight championships. Also, he won two championships with the team of San Antonio Spur. These achievements show how skilled he was that ultimately led him towards the popularity and success. It was just the beginning of his achievements. He then never looked back and continued to be an exceptional athlete.


The net worth of the former successful basketball player:

Steve Kerr earns a salary of $ 5million every year for coaching the Golden State Warriors. No doubt Steve Kerr is one of the most respectable names in the sports world. He became the broadcast analyst for TNT (Turner Network Television) in the year 2003. He also provided his voice for in-game commentary of EA sports video games. The former successful basketball player Steve Kerr Net Worth 2015 is $ 15 million.


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Steve Kerr Net Worth In 2014.

Steve Kerr net worth in 2014 is $25 Million. Signing a five-year contract with the Golden State Warriors as its head coach he received $25 Million. He had saved some money from his previous earnings as a player and commentator.



Steve Kerr Net Worth In 2003.

Steve Kerr net worth in 2003 is $2 Million. He earned $2,625,000amount as his annual salary from San Antonio Spurs. He had not signed any endorsements with any company, and he had no extra sources of income as well.



Steve Kerr Net Worth In 2002.

Steve Kerr net worth in 2002 is $2 Million. He earned the $2,406,000 as his salary from Portland Trailblazers as a player.



Steve Kerr Net Worth In 2001.

Steve Kerr net worth in 2001 is $2 Million. His annual salary from the San Antonio Spurs was $2,200,000.



Steve Kerr Net Worth In 2000.

Steve Kerr net worth in 2000 is $1.5 Million. He earned $1,969,000 as his salary from San Antonio Spurs in the year 2000.



Steve Kerr Net Worth In 1999.

Steve Kerr net worth in 1999 is $1.5 Million. He got $1,774,000 as his salary from San Antonio Spurs.



Steve Kerr Net Worth In 1998.

Steve Kerr net worth in 1998 is $.5 Million as he received $750,000 as salary from Chicago Bulls then.



Steve Kerr As A Person.

Steve Kerr still holds the record in the NBA history of having the most accurate 3-Point shot. In the year 1990, he got married to Margot. Steve and Margot Kerr are leading a happy married life with 3 Children, i.e., one son and two daughters. There is no sign of any separation between the loving couples. In his long career, Steve earned a net worth $18 Million. His annual salary is $5.0 Million. In the year 2015-2016, he named as the Coach of the Year.


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