Russell WestBrook Net Worth Of 8 Successful Years Also 6 Time NBA Star

Russell Westbrook Net Worth as a professional American basketball player who has achieved many gigantic awards. He was born on 12th November 1988 in long beach, California. He is a well-recognized basketball player who is playing for Oklahoma City Thunder. Russell Westbrook achieved a lot of success in his only 27 years life. This young talented basketball player is well associates with many popular sports brands like Nike, Champs sports, Jordan and much more. These companies always provide them with an extra source of income which helps him a lot in his net worth growth. His annual earning is around $28 Million. All these come through his salary and brand promotions. Russell Westbrook net worth is about $38.6 Million as of Feb 2018. Rather than these many other companies also well associates with him and he is getting a royalty payment from them.



There is no doubt that he is an excellent player and he also gained the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year and the NBA all-star most valuable player of the Bay league. He also won the gold medal for the USA team in 2010 FIBA World championship. His investment is around $48 million, and if you will mark, he has almost $3 million of luxury cars. Raynard is the younger brother of Russell In 2012 Russell signed with the team Jordan brand. This brand contractually hired Russell and won the state championship. In 2013 he signed with JJaxand Kings because of their fashion and creative approach. He started his basketball career at a very young age, and today people know him as one of the best basketball players of USA.



What Is Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2017?

Russell Westbrook is considered as one of the most loyal players in the history of NBA. He was a part of Oklahoma City Thunder for nine seasons.  After Oscar, he is the first player who has an average of a triple-double over the course of a season.  But what Russell Westbrook net worth 2017 is. How he managed to earn money and how he is spending it these days? He has been a great basketball player during his career. He has not made money only by playing basketball in the court. In fact, he has built the net worth from endorsements as well.


Russell’s Net worth:

When we take a look at his net worth, we come to know that he has been a smart person during his career. He earned money by giving the great performances on the basketball court and outside it as well. He stands at the number 63 in the top list of the celebrities with the highest net worth. The deals he made with Jordon and Nike actually skyrocketed his net worth.

Well, the rich celebrities always buy beautiful houses as it is the part of their lavish lifestyle. He owns a couple of houses in Oklahoma. According to the news he spends $2 million of the expenses of each house he owns.

He has signed a new deal in 2017 worth $ 85.6 million. If we take a look at the history of the NBA, he is the fifth highest paid players. But the endorsements deals with the brands like subway make him even richer. The new contract he has signed will take his life earnings to $335 million. Woah! How rich he would be soon. He has not stopped earning money, and he also owns a car dealership in his neighbourhood. Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2017 is roughly $160 million.

He is a great basketball player of in current times. The figures of his net worth clearly depict how hard working he was. He succeeded in building a fan following and net worth as well. The lucrative endorsement contracts are always a great opportunity for the celebrities to increase their wealth. So Russell also made smart moves and built huge net worth.

From 2018 his per year salary will be around $60 million making him one of the richest athletes in the whole of America. Indeed the future of Russell Westbrook in bright.



Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2016.

One Of The Most Loyal Players Of NBA.

You can say many things about the professional basketball player Russell Westbrook but he does not know how to make money is certainly not one of them. He is currently playing in the National basketball association for the Oklahoma City Thunder. How does the Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2016 reflect his success on the basketball court?

The American professional basketball player Russell Westbrook is a seven-time NBA All-star winning consecutive awards in the year 2016 and the year 2016. In 2016-17 he was named as the “NBA most valuable player.”


The salary and net worth of Russell Westbrook:

The successful player Russell Westbrook is currently making $26 million per year. He signed a five-year contract for $80 million with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2016 that comes from $133 million in pretax earnings. His earnings come from the endorsement deals with the companies like:

  • Pepsi
  • Nike
  • Subway

Also, his income comes from the sales of merchandise and business ventures. He has a line of high-end clothing for Barneys New York. Summing up, we can say that his net worth figure is growing up exponentially.


Russell Westbrook Net Worth In 2016.

Russell Westbrook net worth was almost of $58.8 million. In 2016 his annual salary was approximate $26 Million and also earns some extra money from other brand endorsements. Many favourite brands like Nike and other sportswear brands are well associates with Russell. As he is a famous player, he got many advertising money from different brands.


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Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2015.

Russell Westbrook net worth was almost of $30 Million. In 2015 his annual salary was near $23 Millions and rest amount he got from various brand advertisement and club contracts. His primary source of income is wages and club contracts.



Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2014.

Russell Westbrook net worth was of $25 Million in 2014. As he is a famous NBA player many sports brand give him an excellent opportunity for the brand promotion and he earned a lot through brand endorsement throughout this year and also got good contracts from the basketball club.



Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2013.

Russell Westbrook net worth was of $20 Million in 2013. This player got many contracts from bigger sportswear companies like Nike, Adidas and much more and earned a lot. Rather than his endorsement he also got many contracts from basketball clubs in 2013.



Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2012.

Russell Westbrook net worth was of $18 Million in 2012. This champion player got much popularity in this year especially of his extraordinary basketball skills. He earned much money through brand advertisement and club contracts.



Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2011.

Russell Westbrook net worth was of $16 Million in 2011. This veteran basketball player got some excellent opportunity to associate with some popular sports brands in this year and earned a lot of money throughout 2011. Except for endorsement he has also got his salary contract from basketball club.



Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2010

Russell Westbrook net worth is of $12 Million in 2010. This net worth is including his salary and other brand contracts. Many popular sportswear brands like Nike are well associated with this NBA champ. He also got many kickass basketball contracts from various clubs.



Russell Westbrook As A Person.

Russell Westbrook net worth is of $35 Million, and he is a famous NBA player who already won so many awards. His annual salary is around $28 Million, and he also earns brand endorsements from popular sports companies like Nike, champs sports and much more.  He has contracted with the team Oklahoma City Thunder and makes many amounts. He has many luxury cars and well-furnished homes. As a person, he is very fresh, dynamic and confident. Maybe these are some positive attitude of this great NBA player which give him lot of success in the basketball sports.


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