Ronaldinho Net Worth – In 15 Years How Much Money Ronaldinho Made

Before we Reveal Ronaldinho net worth read some interesting facts. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira who is also known as Name Ronaldinho or as Ronaldinho Gaucho is a professional Brazilian football player who is Spanish Football Club Barcelona’s ambassador. Ronaldinho mainly used to play as midfielder attacking player, but sometimes when needed he is also used as a forward or as a winger. Ronaldinho has played much of his football career with European Club mainly. Ronaldinho mainly played for Paris Saint Germaine, Barcelona and Milan as for his national team Brazil.  Ronaldinho is considered as one of the best football players of his time, and some said that he is the greatest player in the football ever. As a player, Ronaldinho has won 2 FIFA World Player of the year award as well as Ballon d’Or. He is mainly known for his technical skills and for his creativity Ronaldinho is also known as the agility, pace and dribbling ability. Ronaldinho has used his tricks, and overhead kicks and no-look pass with accuracy for playing the best football, and he also has the best free-kicks techniques.

Ronaldinho has made his debut at the age of 20 in the year 1998 by the club Germio. In the year 2003 Ronaldinho has relocated to France for playing for Paris Saint Germaine before signing with Barcelona. While playing with Barcelona in the second season, Ronaldinho has won his first FIFA World Player of the year as the Barcelona Football club has won La Liga.

In the International football platform, Ronaldinho has played 97 matches for his national team Brazil national team, and he has scored 33 goals. Ronaldinho has represented his country Brazil in two FIFA World Cups, and he was also the integral part of 2002 FIFA World cup which is the winning team in Korea and Japan. Ronaldinho has scored two goals which also include a memorable free-kick from the 40 yards against England’s David Seaman. Ronaldinho was led his nation as a captain which help Brazil to win the Confederation cup title in the year 2005 where Ronaldinho was named Man of the Match by a 4-1 victory over Argentina in the final

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira was born on 21 March 1980 in the city of Porto Alegre is the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Ronaldinho’s mother name Dona Miguelina  Assis dos Santos she is the daughter of Enviro Assis. Dona worked as a former salesperson and also studied to become a nurse. Ronaldinho father Joao de Moreira was a shipyard worker and the football player who used to play football with the local club Esporte Clube Cruzeiro. Ronaldinho had suffered a fatal heart attack in their family swimming pool when Ronaldo was just eight years old. Ronaldinho has married to Brazilian dancer Janaina Mendes, and the couple has a son named Joao born in 2005 on 25 February. Ronaldinho has gained the Spanish citizenship in the year 2007. Ronaldinho net worth is $93 M as on Feb 2018.

Ronaldinho Net Worth In 2013

Ronaldinho net worth in the year 2013 by his MSRP AudiQ7 is about $46,800. The asset that Ronaldinho has bought that is the Bugatti Veyron has the market value is $1,800,000.

Ronaldinho Net Worth In 2011

The Ronaldinho net worth in the year 2011 is $24.16 Million. In the same year, Ronaldinho has transferred from AC Milan to Flamengo which cost him near about $3,960,000.  The net earning of Ronaldinho in the year 2010 is about $25 Million.

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Ronaldinho Net Worth In 2009

Ronaldinho Net Worth in the year 2006 is about $29.2 Million. The salary that Ronaldinho has earned by his other source of inc and as a bonus is $17,800,000 and the total salary earned by his gift winning is about $11,400,000.

Ronaldinho Net Worth In 2008

The total Ronaldinho Net Worth that he has earned in the year 2008 is $7,760,000. The transfer fees that Ronaldinho has got his transfer to AC Milan from Football club Barcelona is about $27,720,000. In the year 2008 Ronaldinho has signed a three-year contract with Italian Series A giant Milan is approximately $25,370,000.

When Ronaldinho was eight years old, his football skills started began to blossom and from this, he has got the nickname Ronaldinho as he was the youngest as well as the smallest player in the youth club matches.


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