Phil Jackson Net Worth of 50 Years Career as Best NBA Player And Coach

Summary of Phil Jackson Net Worth in His 50 Years Successful Career As NBA Player And As Successful Coach. Phil Jackson is a retired professional Basketball player. It is quite unpleasant to call this former American professional only as a player. He is one of the greatest coaches in the history of NBA. He also has worked as a team executive. As a coach, Phil Jackson Net Worth was $45 Million. During his career as a coach, he was the coach of The Chicago Bulls, The New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets and Los Angeles Lakers. Phil Jackson net worth is $70 Million in Feb 2018. Phil Jackson holds the highest NBA record of combined championships. As a player, from 1967-1978 he played for New York Knicks and the New Jersey Nets, he played from 1978-1980.



Soon after his retirement he started coaching and has won 11 NBA titles. He beat the previous record of 9 NBA titles of Red Auerbach. Phil Jackson is also famous as “The Zen Master.” As a player, he has also won 2 championships for the New York Knicks in the years 1970 and 1973. In the year 2007 Jackson made his way into the NBA Hall of Fame. In the year 2014, Phil Jackson elected as the President of the New York Knicks. In his terms as the President of Knicks, his earnings were $11 Million annually. Phil earned more than $60 Million working for around three years. When Phil Jackson worked with The Chicago Bulls which was a term period of 9 years, he earned a total amount of $9 Million. He has signed endorsements for companies like Audi, American Express, ASUS, and T- Mobile.



Phil Jackson or Philip Douglas Jackson was born on 17th September in the year 1945. His birthplace is Deer Lodge, Montana where he lived with his parents. Charles and Elisabeth Funk Jackson worked Assemblies of God Ministers. Philip grew up with his two brothers and his half-sister.  Jackson was in Williston, North Dakota high school and this is the place where he started playing Basketball, and he won two state titles for his team. Jackson also played football and baseball. He participated in several track and field competitions. Jackson recruited at the University of North Dakota. In the year 1967, Phil entered NBA with New York Knicks. Within less time, Jackson got established as one of the leading substitutes. He authored Take it All which is the photo-diary of the Knicks 1970 championship run. 1973 was opened up a good career prospective for Jackson when numbers of the primary starters retired. In the year 1980, he retired as a player. Since then he started his career as a coach.



Phil Jackson Net Worth 2017.

One Of The Best Coaches:

It might give you chill but the old man Phil Jackson is a rich person. Well, he has worked hard during his career to reach the top. He has been successful in maintaining the fame even after getting retirement.  He is a retired coach, basketball player, and executive who is serving the sport. The top-level teams he has worked with as a coach include:

  • New Jersey Nets
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • New York Knicks

All his achievements show Phil Jackson Net Worth 2017 making him one of the wealthiest athletes.


An author.

It might astound you that the famous basketball athlete and coach Phil Jackson is an author as well. As an author, Jackson has published many books including “Sacred Hoops.”  All the books he has written talk about the game strategies that help the teams win. He has also written about the teams and how they can be united to win. He has also got an appreciation as an author. His book Sacred hoops are all about the Native American’s spiritual practices. He has also been included in the Basketball Hall of the fame.

Jackson has the highest winning percentage of any coach in the history of NBA. He is the one who has coached two of the greatest players Michael Jordon and Kobe Bryant. He has won 11 rings as a head coach who is a record in itself.  He is the only coach who has won two titles with two different teams. Phil Jackson Net Worth 2017 is $ 70 million. In the year 2014, Jackson returned to NBA after signing the deal to become the new president of the New York Knicks. He has been well compensated during his career as a coach.



Phil Jackson Net Worth 2016.

A Retired Player And Executive:

It is not easy at all to reach the top position no matter in which profession you are. You need to be dedicated, committed and enthusiastic to face the challenges and win. Phil Jackson is considered one of the very best coaches in the history of NBA.  He holds the record for the most combined NBA championships. After his retirement, he decided to become a coach and lead the Chicago Bulls for six NBA championships. He also led the Los Angeles Lakers for five NBA championships and the best part is the team won. Now it is the high time to look at the Phil Jackson Net Worth 2016 figures to know what he earned.


Jackson’s Career as a coach:

Though he was a professional basketball player for several years, he did not start his career as a coach from top teams. In fact, in the beginning, he became part of lower level professional leagues and then gradually became a popular coach.  The interesting thing about him is that though he started with lower level leagues later he became one of the highest paid coaches of all time. In the year 1984, he won his first coaching championship with Albany Patroons. He is an athlete himself, a coach, and an executive in the national basketball association. It would be interesting to know about the Phil Jackson net worth 2016. Jackson also won “the coach of the year award” in the year 1996. He continued his success in the later years and won many games and awards as well. The winnings always increase the net worth of a celebrity significantly.

Jackson is the only coach who has won at least 10 championships in any North American’s major professional sports.


Phil Jackson Net Worth In 2016.

Phil Jackson net worth in 2016 is $60 Million. Phil’s annual earnings were $11 million. Being the President of The New York Knicks, he was paid the highest until they parted in June 2017.


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Phil Jackson Net Worth In 2015.

Phil Jackson net worth in 2015 is $60 million. He had saved money for his future when he was active as a player. Though in comparison to other high paid basketball players, net worth and earning of Phil Jackson is low, as compared to his era, he paid high. As a great player, Phil also endorsed several companies.



Phil Jackson Net Worth In 2014.

Phil Jackson net worth in 2014 is $60 Million. He was the highest paid coach in NBA’s history. He was paid $24 Million annually. Signing the five-year contract as the President of The New York Knicks he was paid $60,000,000. He owns a home in Mid-Town New York, and the value of the asset is $4,850,000.



Phil Jackson Net Worth In 2007.

Phil Jackson net worth in 2007 is $45 Million. In the year 2007, he signed the extension contract as the coach of Los Angeles Lakers. He earned $24,000,000. His annual salary as a coach was $10,000,000.



Phil Jackson Net Worth In 2005.

Phil Jackson net worth in 2005 is $40 million. As the coach of Los Angeles Lakers, he signed the contract and paid $30,000,000. His salary as a coach was $11,000,000.



Phil Jackson As The Coach.

In the year, Jackson entered the Chicago Bulls as an assistant coach to Doug Collins. He promoted as the coach in the year 1989. In 1998, when Bulls won the final title, Jackson left the team. After a year in 1999, he hired as the coach for Los Angeles Lakers Team. His eminent guidance leads the team towards victory sometimes. The Lakers rehired him in 2015 which continued until his retirement in 2011. Jackson has an unbeatable, winning record as the head coach. He has coached more than 500 games which is the highest.


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