LeBron James Net Worth – 8 Years Detailed Net Worth – Best NBA Player

Before We Disclose LeBron James Net Worth also read this. LeBron James is a professional basketball player his nationality is American he used to play for Cleveland Cavaliers of National Basketball Association. LeBron James has signed deals with many companies which include McDonald’s, Samsung, State Farm, Baskin Robbins, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nike, Beats by Dre and Dunkin-Donuts. He also earned the royalty payments of $1 million during the year as a spokesman but the company was sold to the Apple for the amount of $3 billion. LeBron James signed his Nike Deal when he was just 18 years old… LeBron James signed that deal at $90 million with the period of over seven years, of $12.8 million per year. LeBron James used to get $20 from Nike per year as a salary, as he has signed a Shoe line for the royalty payments. LeBron James net worth is $400 Million.



LeBron James is born on 30 December 1984, in Akron, Ohio at the time of his birth his mother whose name is Gloria Marie James was just 16 year. Gloria had herself raised James on her own. At the age of nine, LeBron James moved with Frank Walker and his family, He is the local football coach for Youth. Frank Walker introduced James to the basketball world. LeBron James starts playing basketball for Northeast Ohio Shooting Stars in Amateur Athletic Union(AAU) when he was a  teenager. LeBron James and his team have won many matches in the Local level as well as in national level where LeBron James and his friends Willie McGee, Sain Cotton and Dru Joyce III was playing. LeBron James started his schooling at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School it is the white private Catholic school for predominately.



LeBron James net worth 2017.

If you are one of the fans of the LeBron James then you must be curious to know the answer to the question what is the LeBron James Net Worth 2017? If you are looking for the Answer then we ensure that you will get the exact figures till the end of this article.
LeBron James is one of the professional American Basketball players. Currently, he is being played for the Cleveland Cavalier. In the modern NBA game, the LeBron has been declared as one of the best NBA players.
During his career, he has won a lot Championship and get awarded with the many MVP awards.


LeBron James Net Worth In 2017.

According to the sources, the James Net Worth is $275 Million in 2017.


LeBron James Sources of Income in 2017.

  • Endorsements with Nike in 2017.

In 2015 the LeBron Signed his first deal with the Nike. Both of the parties never released the details of the deals but in 2016 LeBron Business Manager “Maverick Carter” hinted that the deal had worth more than 1$ billion.


  • Contract with Coca-Cola (Sprite) in 2017.

Since 2003 the James has a contract with Sprite. According to a report this deal has the worth of $2-3 million per year. And it is continued for the last 14 years. And till now he gets $30 million in total.



With his deal with the beats electronics, the James earn a profit of $30 million.


  • KIA Motors

James deals with the KIA motors in order to promote the KIA K900 Luxury Sedan at the early start of 2014.
Till now he is holding many of contracts & deals which are increasing LeBron James Net Worth 2017 exponentially.


LeBron James Net Worth 2016.

LeBron James net worth in 2016 is $311,291,580 million. He used to get the salary of $18.8 million, and he used to get about $90 million for Nike. His annual salary is $33 Million and his used to get $72 million from the NBA season. He used to get the endorsements that he made is $53 million.



LeBron James Net Worth 2015.

LeBron James net worth in 2015 is $271,830,086 million. He had earned $22.97 million in the year 2015 where he is getting the whopping of $77 million and has got the endorsements of $54 million. He is the highest paying NBA basketball player.


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LeBron James Net Worth 2014.

LeBron James net worth in 2014 is $235,932,188 million, and his yearly earning is $22.97 million. He used to get the annual average salary of $33 million, and as a brand endorsement he used to get $20 million per year and has the personal investment of $311.8 million he also owns ten luxury cars which cost the $9.2 million.



LeBron James Net Worth 2013.

LeBron James net worth in 2013 is $202,967,824 million, and his total earning is of $72.3 million. He used to make $53,000,000 from his endorsement in 2015. He used to get the salary from Miami Heat is of $19,060,000. He has also earned from the Movies and off the court ventures is $127.7 million.



LeBron James Net Worth 2012.

LeBron James net worth in 2012 is $53 million, and his salary with Miami Heat is $19,060,000. He used to get his majority of endorsement from many brands which include Nike, McDonald’s, Coco-cola, State Farm, Dunkin’s Donuts, Beats by Dre, Microsoft, and Samsung. LeBron James has some shares in the Beats by Dre, but the company was sold in $3billion to the Apple.



LeBron James Net Worth 2011.

LeBron James net worth in 2011 is $48 Million and his earning from the salary which he used to get from Miami Heat is $17,500,000 in 2011.



LeBron James Net Worth 2010.

LeBron James net worth in 2011 is $43 Million, and he has got the Endorsement sponsorship from McDonald’s $4,000,000 and also get the salary with Miami Hear is $14,500,000. In this year 2010, he has got the Endorsement sponsorship from Nike which worth him $ 10,000,000 and he also bought an asset by purchasing his Miami Mansion by paying the amount of $9,000,000.



LeBron James As A Person.

LeBron James net worth as a player in NBA is $92 million he had to get the salary of $33 million by the endorsements by doing a massive campaign from multinational companies. He has made a deal for seven years with Nike from where he has got $93 million. After Joining with Miami Heat, he buys a home which cost him $9 million which is a 35,000 square-foot compound which has got the feature of the bowling alley and a barber shop.


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