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Name:Henry Witherspoon
Kevin Hart's father Henry Robert Witherspoon
Famous as:Kevin Hart's Father
Birth Name:Henry Robert Witherspoon
Spouse:Nancy Hart
Children:Kevin Hart, Robert Hart.
Grandchildren:1. Hendrix Hart.
2. Heaven Hart.
3. Kenzo Kash Hart.
Daughter In Laws.Eniko Parrish, Torrei Hart.
Profession: Cocaine Supplier
Date Of DeathDied In 2006
Country:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
Net Worth:Read More Details Below:


Henry Witherspoon is the father of famous Hollywood comedian Kevin Hart. Henry is also known as Kevin Hart’s father. When Kevin is a child Henry is addicted to alcohol and drug he also becomes drug supplier and due to his criminal activities, he was jailed most of his life and used to live outside from house because he was wanted by police due to his crimes. Between all this Henry wife Nancy Hart and younger brother Robert Hart passed through a very difficult time of their life and it’s very hard for them to survive. Robert takes care of his elder brother Kevin with his mother. Mother Nancy Hart is a single mother and prohibited henry Witherspoon to come close with their children due to his criminal life but after he comes back to son’s and also appear himself in Kevin hart’s 2011 documentary “Laugh at My Pain”.


Henry Witherspoon is known as his second title “Robert Hart Henry Robert Witherspoon” he was born in Pennsylvania, United States. Henry Robert Witherspoon is his full name. He was married to Nancy Hart and have two sons. Robert Hart is his younger son. Robert played pool. Kevin Hart is his elder son who is a famous comedian.

henry robert witherspoon

Henry Robert Witherspoon Grandchildren.

Henry Witherspoon Daughter In Laws.

Henry Robert Witherspoon Net Worth.

Everyone knows that Henry is not relating to any legal occupation and addicted to drugs and also involved with drugs suppliers. Although Henry makes wealth from is criminal activities like drugs selling and Henry Robert Witherspoon Net Worth is $200 Million.


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