Kevin Garnett Net Worth Of 17 Years Professional NBA Career

Kevin Garnett net worth as of former famous professional American basketball player who played almost 21 seasons in NBA. He mostly played centre and power forward positions. When the thing comes to the source of income of this legend, then there are various sources like Kevin Garnett was signed $5.4 million rookie deal with the wolves which were almost a three-year bond. Then a six month of the extension was given by wolves of contract $126 million. Apart from that he also got a contract for Chinese sportswear brand Anta and other many sports brands. At the end of his career, he was the highest net worth basketball player of NBA. These are only brand contracts he also got the salary from NBA. All these sources of incomes make his current net worth around $327 million. Kevin Garnett net worth is $327 Million as on Feb 2018.



This famous NBA player was born on the 19th of May, 1976 and started his career in 1995. He studied at Farragut Career Academy, Chicago and their started playing basketball for high-school team. During his schooling career, he got many awards in the field of basketball sports. In 2004 he got the most NBA Valuable player, and in 2000 he achieved Olympic Gold. In the year 2008, he got the achievement of NBA Defensive Player of the Year. In 2004 month of July Garnett married his girlfriend Brandi Padilla in California. Now she has two daughters.



Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2017

The Highest Paid Player In the History of NBA.

In the year 2011, we heard that Kevin Garnett’s glare broke down the NBA negotiations. Well, it was not true. The owners just spun the story. Kevin is a popular American basketball player who earned a salary of $ 11.57 million in the year 2012. He won various awards during his basketball career. He got the award for the most valuable player in 2004. It was not the only achievement of Kevin as we stated already he also won the NBA defensive player of the year award. Do you know about the Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2017? Nope, don’t worry we will shed some light on what he earned in the year 2017 and how wealthy he is.


The right player for NBA.

Though Kevin announced his retirements from NBA in 2016, he did a great job in NBA. He was fifteen times all-star and four times “first team all NBA.” He was the right player for the NBA. He knew the best timings to play and win.

After leaving NBA, he also won a championship with Boston Celtics.


Personal Life:

Why are we discussing the personal life of a sports person? Well, the fans always remain curious about the love life and affairs of their favourite celebrity. So the people who are Kevin’s fans want to know when he got married and who his wife is.

Kevin married his girlfriend, Brandi Padilla in July 2004. Kevin got married in a private ceremony in California. They have two daughters. But mostly the marriages do not last long. Same happened with Kevin and his wife. His wife filed for divorce in 2018 and asked for the custody of kids.


The net worth of Kevin in 2017.

The celebrities always look for the opportunities to increase their earnings. Kevin was also the part of many endorsement deals and advertisements that help him increase his revenues. So we can say that Kevin made his net worth from various sources. Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2017 is $ 326 million. When he retired, he made this net worth and became the highest paid basketball player in the history of NBA. “Kevin is one of the best players ever to play this game” these were the words of Karl. He said put him anywhere he is the positive guy for every organization.

Kevin has many options to pursue his career after retirement.



Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2016.

Fiercest Competitor:

The third richest NBA player in 2016 Kevin Garnett began his basketball career in high school. He is quite famous for his aggression on the court, and his slam dunks make him the enthralling player. Kevin plays the centre positions and the power forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Who is Kevin Garnett?

He is an American former professional basketball player who won the national player of the year award when he started his sports career in high school. He played for 21 seasons in the National basketball association. He was born in Greenville, South Carolina on 19 May 1976.

It is quite impressive to know that he was the first player to be drafted directly out of the high school. After that, he did not look back and continued to be one of the best basketball players. Are you curious to know about the Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2016? Let’s have a look at how he earned his money and what is his net worth.

Kevin Garnett Net Worth:

The annual salary of this fantastic basketball player Kevin Garnett is approximately $8 million. He has made his money through endorsements and a three years deal with the Wolves.


Kevin Garnett Net Worth In 2016.

Kevin Garnett net worth was recorded almost $315 Million in the year 2016. His annual salary is approximately 8 million USD. Rather than his salary he used to earn through various sports engrossment and club contracts. He has got $5.4 million deal with the wolves which was almost a three-year bond.


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Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2015.

Kevin Garnett net worth was recorded nearly $291 Million in the year 2015. His annual salary is almost 7 million USD. Rather than his salary he used to earn through various sports engrossment and club contracts. He has got $126 million Garnett’s contract deal which was for six years of the extension.



Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2014.

Kevin Garnett net worth was recorded almost $276 Million in the year 2015. His primary source of income was from a brand advertisement. Many routed brands associated with him. Kevin Garnett also earns from basketball club contacts from various reputed organizations.



Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2013.

Kevin Garnett net worth was recorded almost $260 Million in the year 2014. As per the record, he almost earns 7 million dollars per month in this year. As he was at best in his career during this period many, famous brands want to be with him for promotional purpose and offer some amazing contracts for brand promotion which help Kevin to increase his net worth a lot.



Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2012.

Kevin Garnett net worth was recorded almost $245 Million in the year 2012. The monthly income for this year of Kevin was around 6 million dollars, and all these revenues come from various sources like brand engrossment and basketball club contracts for the extension period.



Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2011.

Kevin Garnett net worth was recorded almost $200 million in the year 2011. In this period he was at his peak form and got many awards and sponsorships. Many famous sports brand and Chinese sportswear brand contract him as a brand ambassador, and he earned a lot of money from those brand endorsement.



Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2010.

Kevin Garnet net worth was recorded almost $188 Million in the year 2010. He has got much sponsorship from reputed sportswear brands and also got contracts from basketball club wolves. His monthly salary was around 5 million dollars at that time.  He purchased barber shop and luxurious cars in this period.



Kevin Garnett As A Person.

Kevin Garnett net worth as a player in NBA is $327 Million he got salary and other contracts deals which make him the highest paid NBA player ever. China sportswear company engrossment and many other sports brands give him some gigantic offers which always show his popularity in Basketball games.


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