Dennis Rodman Net Worth – 32 Years Successful Career Begin From 1986

Dennis Rodman Net Worth as a retired American professional basketball player surprises you. Apart from being a professional basketball player, he is an author, wrestler as well as actor. Dennis has a huge popularity as a member of Chicago Bulls. He also has played for Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Pistons, Dallas Mavericks, and San Antonio Spurs in his career. Dennis has won the NBA Championships five times, i.e., three times with Chicago Bulls and two times with Detroit Pistons. He also has won 2 times NBA Defensive Player of the Year, seven times NBA Rebounding Champion and seven times All-Defensive of the year. Dennis Rodman has earned the title of “The best rebounding forward in NBA history.” Dennis grabbed the 1st place in the list of top 10 highest paid basket players for 2017. Dennis Rodman net worth is $-1 Million as of Feb 2018.



Dennis Rodman Net Worth also added $29 Million during his career in NBA.  Like any other star player, Dennis Rodman also was paid by sponsorship and several endorsements. Dennis Rodman had a TV show “The Rodman World Tour.” This player had played lead roles in action movies like Double Team and Simon Sez. He also earned as an actor from movies like Mission: S.O.P.($174,825), Rally On ($108,225), Blunt Movie ($142,045), The Comebacks ($69,290), Gumball 3000 ($81, 169) and The Minis ($63,131). He had appeared in different Reality TV Shows and had also won the main prize of $222,000 in the year 2004. In the year 2015, it seemed like Dennis Rodman’s Net Worth was degrading but suddenly Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2017 is back on the top pulling the net worth of $82 million between August 2016 and August 2017. His earnings are from smart stock investments, lucrative endorsements with CoverGirl Cosmetics, substantial property holding. Dennis owns several restaurants in Washington and owns a Football Team as well. He launched his Vodka brand, pure wonder rodman US and a top-selling Perfume With Love from Dennis.



Dennis Rodman is born on May 13th, 1961, in Trenton, New Jersey.  He is the oldest son of Shirley and Philander Rodman. Dennis himself has stated he is the oldest of his 47 siblings. When Dennis was young, his father moved to the Philippines leaving his family. His mother took numbers of odd jobs for supporting the family. He started his Basketball career in his young days at college. In the year 1986, he made his way to the Detroit Pistons, and his journey to the fame began from there.



What is Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2017?

It has always been the topic of interest how celebrities make money. Apparently, they have the career that helps them boost their earnings. For example, if a person belongs to the sports industry, then the major contribution in building his net worth would be the game he plays. But it is also interesting to know that the celebrities do not simply rely on their sports career for making money. They take part in many endorsements and make TV appearances that increase their popularity as well as the wealth. The celebrities who are business savvy also make smart decisions and invest money in the business. But not every decision turns out successful. Let’s talk about the Dennis Rodman net worth 2017.


An Actor and Wrestler:

We have already discussed above in the article that the celebrities do not confine themselves to one profession. Dennis Rodman also made TV appearances that not only made him popular in those who do not watch basketball matches but also increased his wealth. He had his own MTV talk show. He also appeared in various movies. He was the first man who posed naked for PETA’s advertisement campaign. All the money earned from TV and movies helped him build Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2017. He also competed as a wrestler in the ring.


Dyed Hair And Piercing:

Usually, fashion celebrities pick the wild looks. But Dennis Rodman started dying his hair in world colors, and he has done a lot of piercing and tattoos. His looks make him a bit different from the other basketball stars. But he is an actor as well so we can understand that the actors like such artistic and different looks.

As far as the net worth is concerned still the Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2017 is – $ 1 million.



Dennis Rodman Net Worth In 2016

Former Basketball Star:

One of the most celebrated basketball players of all time is Dennis Rodman is a basketball star whose career lasted for twenty years. With his legendary rebounding and defensive skills, he set a new level of ability for the new basketball stars. But the exciting part is that the people who never watch basketball game still knows Dennis Rodman as he is an author, actor, and wrestler. He is currently retired from his profession and paying full attention towards the other activities. He obtained the title of “NBA’s defensive player of the year.” What is Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2016? Well, he earned huge fame and wealth over the years.


All-time Perfect Rebounder:

Dennis Rodman’s journey of fame began when he got selected in NBA. He was picked by the Detroit Pistons in the year 1986. He was known as the tough defensive player, and he made his name by giving wonderful performances. He joined Dallas Mavericks with whom he ended his career. In 1998, he got married to a model and actress. However, the marriage did not last long and both break ties within one year.

Well, things do not go well all the time. Ups and downs are the part of life. Dennis Rodman also had to pass through the difficult phase of life. He was dropped out of the league in the year 2000, and he tried to come back in 2005. But things always do not go well every time, so he did not succeed. In 2012 he had a little marketability as an athlete and celebrity, and his attorney publically called him broke. Well, all these problems affect the net worth of a celebrity as well.


Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2016.

Dennis Rodman net worth in 2016 was negative $1 million. The reasons behind Dennis’s downfall were bad investments and bad choices. Lawyers of Rodman claimed that the player was unable to pay a dime. Though the player was under such a financial crisis, he earned his livelihood from different endorsements and special appearances at events.


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Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2015.

Dennis Rodman net worth in 2015 is $1,000,000. He had signed different endorsements. Book sales and certain other programs added to his earnings. Dennis owns a golden Lamborghini.



Dennis Rodman net worth 2014.

Dennis Rodman net worth in 2014 is $869,565. His earnings were from certain endorsements, special appearances in events.



Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2013.

Dennis Rodman net worth in 2013 is $800,000. He used to make his earnings from different endorsements and event appearances.



Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2012.

Dennis Rodman net worth in 2012 is $571,429. The 2012 year was a tough year for Dennis. He owed over $800,000 to his ex-wife Michelle Moyer in child support. It was the year when he was publicly declared as sick and broken and had no marks as celebrity or athlete.



Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2011.

There are no specific records about Dennis Rodman net worth in 2011. Though he used to earn $29 Million from NBA as salary and had made few millions from different endorsements, movies, and several other fields, he was leading a tough time.



Dennis Rodman As A Person.

In the year 1993, Dennis traded to San Antonio Spurs, and in 1995 he was the tough defensive player in Chicago Bulls. Dennis dominated the basketball court next to Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. In the ending season of 1999, Dennis joined Los Angeles Lakers and the next year he chose to enter Dallas Mavericks. With this team, he ended his career in NBA. He was leading a life with stress when Dennis Rodman Net Worth was negative $1 Million.


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