Carmelo Anthony Net Worth In 18 Years Career Best NBA Player All Time

All Carmelo Anthony Net Worth is gained by basketball. Carmelo Anthony is an American born professional basketball player. He played for New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association-NBA. Carmelo Anthony Net Worth increased from the earnings of different endorsements. He holds endorsements of several major brands like Nike, Jordan Brand, Foot Locker, IWC, Nickelodeon and Steiner Sports. He signed the deal in 2011 with New York Knicks for five years, at $80.0 Million annually. In the year 2014, he signed a new deal with New York Knicks at $124.0 Million. Carmelo Anthony net worth is $90 Million as of Feb 2018. Carmelo grabbed the title of All-Star ten times and six times he titled as All-NBA Team member. Anthony picked by Denver Nuggets with NBA draft. From 2004 to 2010, he led his team to the playoffs. He even owns two division titles. Anthony even was responsible for leading the Denver Nuggets to its first Conference Finals. In the year 2011, he traded from Denver Nuggets to New York Knicks. Carmelo Anthony is a member of the USA Olympic Basketball team, and he holds the record of being elected for four times. He won a bronze medal at the Summer Olympics held in the year 2004 and won gold medals at the Summer Olympics in the years 2008, 2012 and 2016. Anthony is the all-time leading scorer in the US Olympic Men’s National Basketball team. He regarded as the leader of rebounds which he proved in all his games.



Carmelo Anthony was born on 29th May 1984 in Brooklyn, New York City. His father Black Puerto Rican died of cancer when Carmelo was two years old. When he turned eight, he moved to Baltimore with his mother, Mary Anthony. It is the place where he honed his athletic skills. He spent first three years at Townson Catholic High School. In the year 2001, he had turned as one of the top players in the area, and he named as The Baltimore Sun’s Metro Player of the year in the same year. He also was titled as Catholic League Player of the year. As a junior, Carmelo Anthony enjoyed a successful high school Basketball career. In his college days even he was the winning performer of his team. His career at NBA commenced from 2003 with Denver Nuggets. Carmelo Anthony scored 30 points in his 6th career NBA game, and he became the second youngest player scoring 30 points playing a few numbers of games.



Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2017

Celebrities made millions of dollars every year. Fans always wonder how they manage to have such a lavish lifestyle. Every time you see them they are wearing an expensive and stylish outfit. They own more than one home. In fact, they buy islands or mansions. They have luxurious cars and change them every year. Well, they do not restrict themselves to the one profession. The companies always hunt the popular stars to endorse their products. And stars get huge money. The bigger the star is, huge the money he will get. So the celebrities are wealthy. Now let’s talk about the Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2017.

It is needless to describe again that he is a professional basketball player. He signed a deal worth $ 124 million for five years in 2014. Carmelo was a popular face in the endorsements, and in the year 2015, his earnings from endorsements were over $8 million. He is the part of famous brands such as:

  • Footlocker
  • Jordon Brand
  • Nike

He has also partnered with Nickelodeon for selling accessories of boys. But it was just the beginning of his success. He did not stop making money through his basketball career. In fact, he thought of increasing his wealth even after his retirement. Well, it is a smart decision to think about the future. He is a renowned TV producer and actor as well. People know him as an athlete and TV personality.

So after taking a quick glance at his work, we can say that he is quite popular and rich guy. Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2017 is $33.2 million. He launched his own venture capital in 2014. Carmelo is owed $28 million for the season 2018 to 2019, but he has an option of an early termination clause.



The Knicks Star Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2016.

People mostly watch the sports such as cricket and soccer. This is why people know about the cricket and soccer stars. But there are the loyal fans as well who watch basketball. In fact, they track every tournament and match to know what their favourite basketball is doing. Carmelo Anthony is a professional basketball player who made his debut in 2003. But what is Carmelo Anthony net worth 2016? How is he making his money? Well, Carmelo signed an expensive contract with the Knicks in 2016 which made him the highest paid NBA player.


Annual salary and endorsements:

No one can deny that the celebrities have various sources of income that help them increase their net worth. They do not rely on their career earnings, and they do something else as well to make money. Carmelo also became that rich by getting millions of dollars as salary for playing basketball. He also signed with the top endorsement companies like:

  • Panini
  • Draft Kings
  • Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Samsung
  • eGOO
  • Haute Time
  • Foot Locker

So Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2016 includes a huge amount from endorsements as well. After playing for seven years at Knicks, he became the 12th most earning basketball player when he started receiving a salary up to $ 26.4 million from Oklahoma City Thunder. He is a skilled basketball player who made his name by working hard. He has the quality to impress the fans and make them happy by presenting a great play. Just like any other celebrity, he invested money in the projects that could increase his wealth. He was the part of many endorsements as stated already. He is currently playing for New York Knicks of the national basketball association.


Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2016.

Carmelo Anthony net worth in 2016 is $30.5 Million. His salary from NBA is $22.5 Million. His earnings were from different endorsements like Samsung US, Delta, Nike, Locker Room and Powercoco. He earns around $9.5 Million from various endorsements.


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Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2015.

Carmelo Anthony net worth in 2015 is $29.4 Million. His earning from NBA salary was $21,400,000. From various sponsorships and endorsements, he earned $8,000,000. In July 2014, he signed a five-year contract with New York Knicks, and he easily added $124,100,000 to his net worth.



Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2014.

Carmelo Anthony net worth in 2014 is $30.9 Million. His earning in the form of salary from NBA was $21,400,000. His sponsorship and endorsement earnings were calculated to be $9,500,000.



Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2013.

Carmelo Anthony net worth in 2013 is $25 Million. His salary from NBA was $19,450,000. He was then with Denver Nuggets. His net worth increased with the earnings from different endorsements and sponsors.



Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2012.

Carmelo Anthony net worth in 2012 is $ 22 Million. His salary from NBA for Denver Nuggets was $18,519,000. In the season 2011-2012, he signed the contract extending his period with Denver Nuggets for three years and earned $64,200,000.



Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2011.

Carmelo Anthony net worth in 2011 is $20 Million. His salary from Denver Nuggets was $17,149,000. His earnings were good off-court from different endorsements as well.



Carmelo Anthony As A Person.

Within his professional career of 13 years, Anthony has successfully developed his skills on-court that was responsible for growing his net worth to $90 Million. Apart from NBA annual salary and several numbers of endorsements, Carmelo Anthony also has tried his fortune in the big screen “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows”.


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