Tim Duncan Net Worth – One Of The Highest Paid Basketball Player

Tim Duncan Net Worth

Tim Duncan is a professional basketball player who retired in 2016. The American player ended his 19 careers in NBA with San Antonio Spurs. This five-time NBA champion is regarded as the greatest Power-Forward till date! His achievements include NBA All-Star Game MVP, NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA MVP- two-times, and NBA Finals MVP three-time. Tim Duncan has also grabbed the title of NBA All-Star for 15 times. He is the only player who selected for All-Defensive and All-NBA Teams in his first 13 seasons. He signed the contract at $40 million in the year 2007. This 6.11 high NBA player or sometimes called as “The Giant Player” make $2 million annually off the court. Tim Duncan net worth is $177 Million as of Feb 2018.

His earnings were from certain endorsements as well which started from $2 Million per year, and it increased till 3.5Million. He has signed endorsements with Adidas, Coca-Cola, Bridge-Stone Tyre and Energizer. Unlike any other Basketball players, Tim Duncan had no active participation in endorsements, but he had two signature releases during his career in Spurs, i.e., Nike Air Max Duncan in the year 2000 and Air Max Duncan ii in the year 2002. In the year 2003, he signed his endorsement with Adidas, and he wore this brand until his retirement in 2016.

Tim Duncan’s complete name is Timothy Theodore Duncan and was born on twenty-fifth April in the year 1976 at a place called Christiansted, which situated in Virgin Islands, United States. He is the only son of William Duncan and Ione. Tim raised in Christiansted with his two older sisters. With his growing age, his interest in athletics grew stronger but was lease interested in Basketball. Right from his childhood days, Tim was a bright student, and with the support of his parents, he excelled in swimming. He was inspired by his brother-in-law towards Basketball when he lost his enthusiasm in swimming. Tim started playing for  St. Dunstan’s Episcopal High School. His college career began with the Wake Forest University Demon Deacons, and in his final year, he won awards, i.e., the USBWA College Player of the Year,  Naismith College Player of the Year, and John Wooden. Before Tim entered in NBA, he graduated. He holds a degree in Psychology.

Though he was a star player for long years and still has the craze, he signed the contract at $10 Million per season. For supporting Spurs to sign other top players, he took less salary. Still, in his 19-year career in NBA, he managed to earn $200 Million. Tim always was concerned about his team, and when he had the chance to make over $20 Million per season, he negotiated and charged less. Thus, Tim regarded as a teammate. He had signed a shoe deal with Adidas which is the most notable deal off the court.

Tim Duncan Net Worth In 2016.

Tim Duncan net worth in 2016 is $98,360.66. His earnings were from his salary and the endorsements of with Adidas, Coca-Cola, Bridge-Stone Tyre and Energizer. He opted for $5.6 million from his contract with Spurs.

Tim Duncan Net Worth In 2015.

Tim Duncan net worth in 2015 is $80 Million. His received incentive of $750,000 from Spurs and his salary was $5,250,000. Apart from his earnings from NBA, he collected $6 Million from his endorsements.

Tim Duncan Net Worth In 2014.

Tim Duncan net worth in 2014 is $76 Million, and his yearly earnings from NBA was $10, 360,000. Endorsements added to his annual income.

Tim Duncan Net Worth In 2013.

Tim Duncan net worth in 2013 is $75 Million. His earnings were from NBA contract which was $10, 360,000. He also earned from different endorsements as well.

Tim Duncan Net Worth In 2012.

Tim Duncan net worth in 2012 is $23.3 million. His salary from NBA was $9,640,000. He was able to earn from different endorsements as well. He also got $30,000,000 for signing a three-year contract with San Antonio Spurs.

Tim Duncan Net Worth In 2011.

Tim Duncan net worth in 2011 is $30 Million. He got $21,160,000 as salary and his endorsements fetched him more amount.

Tim Duncan As A Person.

Duncan appreciated for his quiet and simple ways of living. He was an active philanthropy. For raising general health awareness and fund for the education, he established “the Tim Duncan Foundation” in various parts of the United States.


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