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Stephen Curry aka Wardell Stephen Curry II is an American professional basketball player. He was born on 14th March 1988 and is currently playing for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Stephen Curry is the son of ex-NBA player Dell Curry and the older brother of existing NBA player Seth Curry. For the year 2018, Stephen Curry Net Worth is $47.3 million. In his college days, Curry was a basketball player for Davidson. During those days, he was twice honored with prestigious Southern Conference Player of the Year award and also set the all-time scoring record for both the Southern Conference and Davidson. In the realm of football, he is often called as the greatest shooter in NBA. In 2014-5, Stephen Curry was honored as the NBA Most Valuable Player Award.

Curry played in his first match for the Wildcats when he was in college. In his initial collegiate game, Curry played against Eastern Michigan and finished with 15 points. But unfortunately, he committed 13 turnovers. In the next match, Curry scored 32 points, caught 9 rebounds and dished out 4 assists. His first professional career commenced in 2009 when he was selected by the Golden State Warriors with the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft. His rookie contract for the early season was worth $12.7 million over four years of the contract. In his first career match, Curry scored 14 points and dispersed 7 assists. With the final season, the average score of Curry was 17.5 points, 1.9 steals, and 5.9 assists per game.

Curry is continued to play for Golden State Warriors and has been setting copious records. In a football match against the New Orleans Pelicans, Curry became the 19th football player to accomplish 1,600 three-pointers and also to attain that mark at the fastest speed. In another match against the Pelicans, he set a new record by scoring 13 three-pointers, which is more than any players’ score in a single match. In 2017, Stephen Curry was named as a starter for the Western Conference All-Star team in the NBA All-Star Game. As a player of the Golden State Warriors, Curry piloted the team to win its first NBA championship in 40 years in 2015. Similarly, he was also named as the MVP of the league in both 2015 and 2016 and is currently an NBA All-Star for the fourth time. In 2015, he set another milestone by winning ESPY for Best Male Athlete.

Stephen Curry Net Worth In 2016.

In 2016, Stephen Curry Net Worth was $34,958,004 which came from his NBA salary of worth $12,112,359 per year.

Stephen Curry Net Worth In 2015.

Stephen Curry’s net worth in 2015 was $26,403,954. Despite achieving huge NBA stardom status, Curry’s net worth for the year 2015 was not so satisfactory. The richest project that Curry made in 2015 was $12 million.

Stephen Curry Net Worth In 2014.

Stephen Curry’s net worth in 2014 was $18,651,829. According to his four-year contract of $12.7 million, NBA is giving him an average salary of $3 million per year. His Net worth from salary was $10,629,213 in 2014.

Stephen Curry Net Worth In 2013.

In 2013, Stephen Curry’s net worth was $12,303,944. In the same year, his net worth from salary was $9,887,642.

Stephen Curry Net Worth In 2012.

Stephen Curry’s net worth in 2012 was $6,718,396. In 2012, he signed an extended deal with the Golden State Warriors of worth $44 million dollars. His net worth from salary was $3,958,742 in 2012.

Stephen Curry Net Worth In 2011.

In 2011, Stephen Curry’s net worth was $4,432,839. His net worth from salary was $3,117,120.

Stephen Curry Net Worth In 2010.

In 2010, Curry’s net worth was $2,656,747 and his net worth from salary was estimated to be $2,913,840.

Stephen Curry As A Person.

The megastar of NBA, Stephen Curry’s net worth is $25 million. Curry’s salary for 2017-18 is $34.7 million. Moreover, he also has signed the richest deal in NBA history, the estimated worth of which, is $201 million. It is the first supermax deal in NBA league history. Moreover, his $12.1 million salary for the session 2016-17 was 85th highest salary in the history of NBA.


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