President Of NBA Magic Johnson – Magic Johnson net worth


Magic Johnson is a retired professional basketball player, and currently, he is president of national basketball association. Magic Johnson born on August 14, 1959, in Michigan, USA. His playing career duration was from 1979-1991, and then he did numerous things and appointed in many renowned brands to establish and explore more of his life than Just as a basketball player. Johnson basketball career had started in 1979 when he was selected first overall in the 1979 NBA by the Lakers. He is one of the most promising and champions of all and in his rookie season he won the title of NBA finals most valuable award and also earned four more championships with the Lakers team during the 1980s. Earvin Magic Johnson net worth is $600 Million as on 2018.

Magic Johnson Net Worth In 1979.

Magic Johnson net worth was $2,500,000 during his first career where he joined and playing for Los Angeles Lakers for $5, 00,000 and also sponsorship of $2000, 000 for endorsing Converse. He was always not just passionate just about playing basketball but also with other business ventures. His successful career depicts that utilizing money tom people welfare and always doing something productive. He is a great business person too by his retirement period.

Magic Johnson Net Worth In 1985.

Magic Johnson net worth keeps growing when he continues to play for the same Los Angeles Lakers, and during his career from 1979 to 1990 with Lakers, he earned different salary figures approximately near $3000, 000. He is a great player during this period, and he has won many championships in this time.

Magic Johnson Net Worth In 1990.

Magic Johnson net worth also consist of his endorsement earning where he endorses Campofrio with charging $3000,000 and similarly his salary as an NBA player also keeps on booming to 14,6000,000 as on 1995. Although he retired from basketball in 1991 after a public hearing of his HIV diagnosis. He was such a great player who dominated the game of the biggest guards in league’s history and 1992, and he went to Olympics with Michael Jordan, Larry Byrd as a part of Dream Team where they earned gold.

Magic Johnson Net Worth In 1995.

Magic Johnson net worth was $14, 6000,000, and his comeback in 1996 again with Los Angeles Lakers. Later he retired fully, and he started focusing on his venture, and after that, he was known as an influential entrepreneur. His initiative of starting Magic Johnson enterprise which is a real estate empire that helps in developing urban areas and helps underserved communities. He is genuine human by heart, and he also authored many books.

Magic Johnson Net Worth In 2007.

As on 2007, Magic Johnson net worth was $7, 6000, 000 and he purchased a mansion which is huge and consisted of 7 bedrooms located near Dana Point, California in the USA. His regular earnings and his philanthropy work towards society’s people are praiseworthy. He experienced a lot during his HIV stage and which helps him to understand life more deeply with real learnings.

Magic Johnson Net Worth In 2016.

Magic Johnson has numerous business interest, and he tried and experienced many corporate works such as he is a part of investor that purchase Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012. He had also buy minor league sports team in 2014. He remained Activist on HIV and introduced many initiatives to break the stereotypes and help others to secure their life by funding and services to those who are affected due to HIV and AIDS.

Magic Johnson As A Person.

The life of Magic Johnson inspires millions and he always been stood for those who need his help. Magic Johnson struggles a lot because of racism factor during his time at “Everett,” and thus he always put the step forward to break all those stereotypes related to any HIV affected person. Although Magic Johnson has married to Earlitha Kelly since 1991 and she always supported Johnson right from his diagnosis, and they both have an excellent relationship.  He is contributing love and care to many people who are affected by HIV & AIDS; He has also worked with many organizations such as Boys & Girls Club of America, the Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, and Keep a Child Alive. His inspiring story and real-life experiences give millions of us strength and lesson about life and humanity.


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