Kevin Hart Net Worth – The Richest Comedian Of Hollywood


Kevin Hart is a writer, producer who also works as a comedian and also an American actor. Kevin Hart started his career as a Comedian by winning several comedy competitions at the clubs Of New England. His first breakout in 2000 in the popular TV series Undeclared, where he was cast by Judd Apatow. Kevin Hart was also done acted in money movies which are like Paper Soldiers which has released in 2002, Scary Movie 3 which has released in 2003, Soul Plane which has released in 2004, In the Mix which is released in 2005 and Little Fockers which is released in 2010.

Kevin Hart was born on July 6, 1979, has grown up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother name was Nancy Hart, and he has one Brother Name Robert Hart. His father name was Henry Witherspoon he was a cocaine addict person and was jailed most of the time when Kevin was the child. Kevin completed his graduation from high school and had attended the Community College of Philadelphia and moved to New York City. He started working as a salesman in a shoe store in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Kevin hath who was one of the best and wealthiest comedians ever have first married to Torrei Hart they have filed the divorce in February 2010 and completed their divorce in November 2011. They have two children, daughter Heaven 12-year-old, and son Hendrix 9-year-old. On 18 August 2014, Kevin Hart advocated himself to Eniko Parrish and they got married on August 13, 2016, near Santa Barbara, California.  Kevin Hart net worth is $128 Million.

Kevin Hart Net Worth In 2016.

Kevin Hart net worth as a comedian in 2016 is $ 128 million. He has earned $75,529,090 from his live shows. His source of income is from Film and Television, and he is one of best comedian who has made more than Jerry Seinfeld. He is the best actor who has made the change in the economy from the funny business by touring like the rock star.

Kevin Hart Net Worth In 2015.

Kevin Hart net worth in 2015 is $ 128 million, and he has earned $64,465,493 from his live shows. He has made his money from his work in Ride Along which was hit on box-office. He also hosted Comedy for Justin Bieber in Comedy Central. He kept himself busy and had the wealth from that show.

Kevin Hart Net Worth In 2014.

Kevin Hart net worth in 2014 is $48,453,682. He used to earn money from his comedy tour which made his $40 million sales in the ticket. Hart makes around $300,000 per show. He also used to get $840,000 from TV Series that is Real Husband of Hollywood where Kevin Hart is the Executive Producer.

Kevin Hart Net Worth In 2013.

Kevin Hart new value in 2013 is $ 128 Million he used to earn $350,000 from his live shows and used to get $15,000,000 from Endorsements. His other source of income comes from his production in the year 2013 from Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain it is estimated of $250,000.  And he used to get paid by his acting in this is the End which is a movie comes in 2013, and he has got $100,000.

Kevin Hart Net Worth In 2012.

Kevin Hart net worth in 2012 is $28 million. He used to get $27,219,247 from his shows in the year 2012. He used to get $7,500,000 from his live appearances and also used to get paid from his Endorsements in 2012 is $10,000,000. Kevin Hart has earned $250,000 in the year 2012 from his production company on the project Carey Holcomb: Your Way Ain’t working which is the TV Special documentary, where Kevin Hart was the Executive producer.

Kevin Hart Net Worth In 2011.

Kevin Hart net worth in the year 2011 is $128 million. He used to earn from his production house in the year 2011 is $250,000 by Producing Kevin Hart: I’m a Grown Little Man it is the Documentary TV Special where Kevin Hart is an Executive Producer. He also used to get $10,000,000 from his Endorsements, and he used to get $12,000,000 from his live appearances.

Achievements Of Kevin Hart As A Comedian.

Kevin Hart is one of the best and wealthiest comedians who used to get so funny as he himself laugh on the stage. Kevin Hart also won the MTV’s Comedic Genius Award in 2015. Kevin Hart “What Now” tour is projected to be one of the highest grossing comedy tours of his performance ever.


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