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David Beckham net worth

David Beckham is retired legendary English football player. David holds the reputation of being the first English footballer holding league title holder in four nations. His career is 20years long, and he was termed as the highest paid footballer in the year 2004. The included his earnings from different deals as well as advertisements he took part in.

David Beckham Bio

Born on May 2, 1975, Beckham started playing at the age of 17years with Manchester United. Afterwards, Real Madrid, as well as Los Angeles Galaxy, signed him. Beckham’s international career was initiated when he was 21years old. He earned the title of FIFA World Player twice in his career.

Beckham Retirement

Beckham officially announced his retirement on 16 May 2013. However, prior this he was playing as the midfielder for the national football team of England. Beckham has been a part of many clubs, such as Los Angeles Galaxy, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester United, and Paris Saint-Germain.

David Beckham Endorsements

As per reliable sources, two companies owned by Beckham earned £71,000 in one single day during the last year. Many products are endorsed by Beckham, including H&M and many of the ads along with comedian Kevin Hart.

Other prominent deals include Breitling watches as well as Haig Club whiskey. Some other famous deals are with Armani, Gillette, and Sainsbury’s. Beckham is still regarded as the most earning football celebrity despite the fact he is retired. However, due to his brilliant performance, Beckham not only earned an excellent reputation but has deserved ample of money as well.

Beckham has no doubt earned pretty well during his career, and this reflects in his earnings. The retired player is making much more money as compared to those still in the game. However, he has made many charity donations as well. In fact, Beckham is known to give a huge amount to charities, and he has participated in many shows for good causes as well.

Beckham has been a famous face with advertisers which has contributed a significant portion to his earnings. This is the reason why he dons the advertisement world. Fashion, food, drinks, shoes, you name it, and he has endorsed it. These ads have contributed majorly toward Beckham’s earnings.David Beckham net worth of $450 million As On Feb 2018.

David Beckham net worth in 2017

In the year 2017, David Beckham net worth stands at a whopping $450 million. Beckham has all the stars in his favor with his deals and advertisements just increasing day by day. His maximum earnings come from ads with reputed brands, social contracts, and celebrity appearances.

David Beckham net worth in 2016

David Beckham’s net worth in the year 2016 was a whopping $350 million. In fact, it is a joke that Beckham earns more than the Queen of England. However, this is correct. Beckham and his wife together make more than what the Queen gets revenue.

David Beckham net worth in 2015

Beckham earned a grand amount of $65 million in 2015.His Major deals included English brand Kent & Curwen. His other deals included clothing brands such as H&M, Addidas, etc.

David Beckham Career

He is the professional soccer, and he won the premium league for the sixth time. He is the highest pay soccer and named as the captain of the team in the year 2000.

Beckham married to the British singer, and he is the model spokesperson. He was also most-searched sports-Google related search term in 2003 and 2004. David Beckham’s annual salary is $50 million. In 2014, Beckham was interested in purchasing an MLS league in Florida. His business group, Beckham Miami United has supported him for finance a $250million (£149m) stadium with seating for 20,000 and to pay rent for the stadium. The property algorithm of Beckham is calculated, and his data is publicly available. This article gives a brief idea of the soccer player, and he is the richest paid soccer player in the country. He has earned a healthy amount of money in his career.

You can join the site to know more about his lifestyle and luxury. He seeks help from the American Billionaire, as to attempt to buy MLS team.  Closes a land deal to build a soccer stadium in Miami. He has earned money and become famous in his career.


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